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    About Us

    Koren Coppers imports, designs and markets covers, bags and packages for suits, evening dresses and bridal gowns, dress hangers, prestigious paper bags and fancy large boxes

    For bridal gowns. The company works exclusively with the best international manufacturers in the field of suits covers (suitcases, jumpers), bags for dresses, hangers, paper bags and cloth bags and imports to Israel

    The best products in the field.

    Direct and exclusive access to leading manufacturers in the field allows us to offer kees for suits, dresses for dresses, designer paper bags and bags of the highest quality fabric at the lowest prices

    In Israel, and all this through direct delivery to the business and providing high service and response. Nowadays, we exclusively supply a wide range of products to fashion chains, fashion designers, and wholesalers

    And fashion stores are one of the largest and most recognized in Israel, with strict adherence to quality, service and availability.

    We make sure to offer our customers the widest and most diverse range in the field and enable our customers to order coverings for suits and dresses directly from the stock according to the needs and tastes of the customer,

    Branded products ordered by the manufacturer according to the specifications and with the customer logo.

    Our story begins, like all successful stories, in identifying need and responding.

    My name is Eitan Koren. For many years I worked as an international logistics manager in hi-tech companies. After a while I felt a sense of exhaustion and decided to start an independent business and embark on a new path.

    At that time, I was about to marry Osnat, my life partner, my way and my business. Before the wedding, we went on an early honeymoon to Thailand and decided to order the groom’s suit in personal sewing.

    After returning from the honeymoon Osnat went to the dry cleaning shop to send the suit to the cleaning, and when she came to get the suit back she received it in transparent plastic as well as the original cell phone in hand.

    She asked the seller: “Well, what am I doing with it? .. Throw it? “The salesman immediately answered:” No, no … keep good on the flop because you can not get them in Israel … “

    After she came home she told me what had happened.

    After the examination, we found out that they do not sell cell phones in Israel, but only get them when buying a dress or suit. Then we realized that we had found our new professional challenge of becoming importers in the field.

    We have identified a genuine need in the fashion market for quality suits and suits that will protect the garment from dust and moisture. The dresses and suits in the field of couture are a luxury product and there is great importance to the kaber that envelops them and the branding that shapes them.

    The need of the market met our professional knowledge and initiatives and created a new and interesting connection.

    From that moment the business began to take off. Today, we provide a variety of materials, sizes and configurations in the largest variety in Israel. We are leading and exclusive importers of fashion chains, fashion designers, wholesalers and fashion stores.

    We are the only supplier in the country that is the main and main product.

    Today we have expanded our product line to complementary packaging products such as pens, boxes and paper bags and high-end fabric.

    We are here to provide our customers with the best service and bring you the finest products in premium quality with an emphasis on innovation and striving for perfection. We are here for you.

    Uncompromising Quality  – We work with the best manufacturers to provide you with the highest quality products in Israel today.

    Above all  , we strive to provide the best, most reliable, personal and professional service, which is why our customers stay with us for a long time.

    Innovation  – We are in constant pursuit of new products and innovative solutions to provide our customers with the best.

    Wide range  – Our catalog of products in the field is the widest and most comprehensive in the country, with us you will always find exactly what you need.

    Comprehensive responsibility  – We stand behind our products because we know that they are the best of their kind in the country. For this reason we offer full credit in case of defect detection.

    Professionalism along the way  – we bring with us rich experience in the fields of logistics, working with suppliers abroad and in-depth familiarity with the product line we are marketing.

    Emphasis is placed on the small details  – the quality of the product is measured in the small details that make up it, from larger and more durable zippers to the best types of fabrics and materials.


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