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    Covers with logo in small quantity

    Every novice designer knows and understands what is the importance of branding a business. Your logo on the cover is your business card on the packaging that encloses your product.

    You can order the kaber directly from the manufacturer abroad with your logo printed, but the problem is that the order from the manufacturer from abroad has a minimum quantity determined by the manufacturer is not willing to make a production series less than 500 units.

    We encountered this problem over and over again when many of you asked to order covers for dresses with their logo but could not and did not want to order a large quantity.

    You can also print or paste stickers in Israel to a smaller amount.

    However, in our experience we discovered that these solutions do not really work – stickers peel off with time and printing in Israel is problematic – abroad the manufacturer prints before sewing, but in Israel the printing does not usually go out properly, the heat melts the plastic in the window,

    So we thought and found a perfect solution just for you!

    For the graves you invite, we will embroider your logo!

    The embroidery is strong and durable because it is sewn on the kabar and is prominent, creating a luxurious, delicate and stunning look.

    Now we offer cover for dresses in small quantities at an attractive price with your logo embroidered on them

    The embroidery, of course, is more expensive than printing, so we went a step further to reduce the cost and purchased a special embroidery machine from abroad, so we became the only ones in the country with an embroidery machine.

    The work is done accurately, professionally, with short availability and at the best price in Israel!

    So what will you get for an embroidery invitation?

    • Minimum order of 100 units only – the smallest in the country that can be done with a logo!
    • Your logo will appear in embossed embroidery on a cover – just beautiful!
    • Delivery time is only about three weeks.
    • The lowest price in Israel to logo on cabarets for this quantity – check us out!
    • Personalized service tailored for you.
    • Beautiful and attractive covers for your choice in the widest range in Israel.
    • The embroidery work is done in our house
    • Your block is reserved for re-invitation.

    Small Quantities

    order the quantity you need

    High Quality

    highest quality and design

    Low Price

    lowest price

    Fast Delivery

    14 days delivery

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