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    Bridal wide clear gown cover

    item     EK0005

    Wedding dress cover for long bridal gowns, with extra depth, transparent and full on both sides.


    Description : Luxury cover for bridal gowns, it is transparent both sides, with a deep opening for bouffant bridal gowns and veils. the cover allows a full view of the bridal gown. the cover includes aperture for the hanger, large reinforced zipper, and large pocket.

    Color : Transparent

    Material : Clear heavy PVC nylon, thickness of  0.10 mm.

    Dimensions : Width 70 cm, length 180 cm, depth 5 cm at the top and 20cm at the bottom

    Quantity : 25 units

    Use : Designed for maintenance, storage and carrying large wedding dresses with volume.

    We offer you two options to ship your order:

    1. Delivery by courier to the business at a cost of 50 NIS + VAT

    2. Self-collection – The products you wish to purchase can be collected from our offices,
    located at 4 Ha-Ta’asiya Street, Rosh HaAyin (2nd floor, Old Industrial Area).
    It is recommended to arrange arrival in advance.

    Delivery time for delivery is up to 3 business days from date of order confirmation.
    In cases where the business is located in a business area (not a private home), the
    delivery time will be faster.

    For more details, please enter delivery and delivery policy.

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